The images shown in these galleries are available as fine art prints in sizes up to 16"x32". The copyright markings on the images shown in these galleries will not be present on the printed images.  When properly framed under glass or acrylic and protected against direct sunlight and harsh environments, they will not show perceptible fading for many decades.

Custom Prints:

Not all images will fit the proportions shown in the price guidelines shown below and custom sizes are available on request. If you desire a size that is not shown, please contact me directly for prices and details.

Price Guidelines (All prices are in USD)

Standard Prints

     5" x 7"  $15.00

     6" x 9"  $26.00

     8" x 10"  $30.00

     8" x 12"  $32.50

     10" x 15"  $44.00

     11" x 14"  $45.00

     12" x 18"  $50.60

     16" x 20"  $85.00

     16" x 24"  $100.00

Wide Format Prints


     5” x 10”  $22.50

     5" x 15"  $27.50

     10" x 20"  $56.00


     12" x 24"  $73.00

To Order Prints:

Contact Jim W. Parkin

Phone: (612) 799-5356


I will need to know your name and shipping address

Contact information, email address and phone number

The image file name shown below each image in the galleries

Quantity and size required

Payment method, Cash or Personal Checks

Packaging and Shipping:

Packaging and shipping costs will be $7.00 or less for all combined quantities depending on the size of the largest print ordered.